"Commander Collies"

Commander Collies began with a simple, but profound love for the breed. The collie that first carved his home in my heart was my tricolor rough male, Harley. He was a pet, but his companionship meant much more than a best in show rosette. He was my heart dog, and no matter how many collies enter my life, Harley will always have a special place in my memories.

When I lost Harley, my first thought was to find another tricolor rough male collie to be my buddy. As I began to research collies I noticed that I was more attracted to some lines than others. I learned that I was drawn to the collie glamour lines with sweeping curves and abundant coat.  The collies that looked like they had been drawn by an artist. I realized that these were SHOW COLLIES of the Beauty Families.

I began to like the idea of getting a collie to show. It sounded like fun. Reaching out to breeders, I soon found out that top breeders don’t readily sell their best collies to beginners. They said that beginner’s don’t usually follow through with the effort required to turn a show prospect puppy into a show dog. All I needed was for someone to give me a chance with a nice pup. With persistence, luck, and a little help from friends, I talked to Carole Stanley of Afterhours Collies into selling me – not a tricolor- but a white factored sable merle MALE pup sired by the great CCA winner- GCH CH Headline’s Soldier of Light ROM. This pup is now know as Gunner, Int. CH/CH Afterhours Chain of Command. I listened to my mentors and put in the effort to make Gunner the best he could be. The care and conditioning paid off. I used several good handlers to help Gunner shine at shows, and even showed him some myself. The result was a championship for Gunner, my first show collie, by the time he was only 23 months old.

Int. CH/CH Afterhours Chain of Command   "Gunner"

Int. CH/CH Afterhours Chain of Command


For my next show prospect collie, I obtained an adorable tricolor GIRL now known as Duchess, from Jeanie Driscol. She was co-bred by Jeanie Driscoll and Nick Moyers. Duchess’s AKC name is Commander’s Diva in Silk Stockings of JJaed’s.  She is still a puppy, but has just begun going to some shows and has six "BEST PUPPY" awards and a "MAJOR RESERVE" already. Duchess is a natural showgirl! Her sire is the handsome white rough boy, JJaed’s Pride of St. Roch (Pride), and her dam is Afterhours Cashmere Princess (Gracie).  Pride is a blend of Clarion and Scarborough families, and Gracie is Afterhours with a touch of Donnybrooke and Milas. These are the lines that I love, and I am very excited about my future plans for Gunner and Duchess.

With Gunner and Duchess as my foundation collies, the future of Commander Collies looks bright to me. I hope to honor the breeders that produced my collies, as I will try to preserve and perpetuate the beautiful Brandwyne type Fluffies--Texas style.

Both Gunner and Duchess are cleared by Optigen testing for PRA. They have mild CRC only and have been tested for the MDR1 genes. I believe that every breeder has the responsibility to breed dogs as healthy as possible. I will definitely be breeding for beauty, but will also be breeding for good health and great temperaments. Collies have so much love to give, and I want them to be able to share that love for as long as possible with their new owners.

Commanders Diva in Silk Stocks of JJaed's   "Duchess"

Commanders Diva in Silk Stocks of JJaed's


I have found collies to be very intelligent dogs, so intelligent they are almost scary at times. It seems like they can almost read my mind. This is probably because collies were originally bred to herd sheep and other animals. As a herding dog, collies had to actually think and make independent decisions. I want to perpetuate their great intelligence too.

Collies have the capacity to excel in obedience, agility, herding, therapy work and many other things. The only limiting factor seems to be taking the time to show them what you want, although sometimes they have their own ideas of how to get things done.

If you visit my home you will find Gunner and Duchess to be my thoroughly spoiled pets as well as show dogs. I feel like all collies should be spoiled pets whether they go to shows or not.

Besides collies, I have ducks, chickens, horses, mini donkey, chihuahua’s, 38 year old parrot and a couple of cockatiel's on my ten acre ranch north of Houston. Interacting with my animals is a daily joy, plus the eggs from my chickens are a nice bonus!


"Member of Collie Club of America"



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